What is tightlining and why you should be doing it now!

What is tightlining and why you should be doing it now!

I am such a nerd when it comes to watching makeup tutorials. I love them and I don’t know why! One thing that I have learned from them is how important tightlining (“invisible eyeliner” WHAT!) is and how awesome it is for everything from a dramatic eye with falsies to a very natural look that still gives frames your eyes with a little liner that you can’t see but its somehow there! It really helps make your eyelashes appear so much thicker!

So what is it and how do you do it?

Instead of lining the skin above your lashes, you line the inside of the upper lash line where the roots of your eyelashes are. I am not talking about your waterline (that is the smooth area along the top of your eye below your lashes). If you do make a mistake and line your upper waterline you will know because it will imprint on your lower waterline and cause your eyes to look really small.

There are so many ways to do this. Here are 3 ways that work and it just depends on what you like the best/what you have at home/and what kind of eyeliner you prefer to use.

1)One way is to lightly lift your lid and use your eyeliner to smudge some color between the lashes.

2) Have a flat brush and push the color up into the base of your eyelashes – This is the way I do it. It is so easy and there are so many great flat brushes out there that cost nothing. (See the video below)

3) If you use a liquid liner pin that has a fine marker type tip and either do #1 with it, or push it up into the base of the lashes while holding it sideways. I like that way too.

Here is a great video:

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