The Best Light for Makeup!

I just recently got a daylight makeup mirror that reflects the light directly at you while magnifying your face for very precise and smooth makeup application. It is amazing how much better I look now that I use this mirror. With just the overhead light in the bathroom before, I was covering dark circles and shadows that weren’t really there! They were just caused by the light being above me!

Even if you don’t want to buy a new light or mirror, you can replace the bulbs in your over the mirror lighting or just in your bathroom in general to a more daylight style light. Halogen light is a great option for this, and so are LED lights. You want the light to be more white than yellow so that it is not adding any color to your face. Look at the before and after picture, specifically at the white counter and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

If you have a choice, placement of the lights is super important. You want the light to be coming at you and not down from above you. So keep that in mind! That is why the mirror’s with the lights are so popular for doing your makeup at home! It also makes doing your eyebrows a breeze!

I just replaced the light bulbs above my vanity mirror and they help so much. And just being above the mirror and not over my head helps too!

Any of the makeup mirrors on amazon with the daylight option will work. Some are way more than others, and the size is up to you as well. Definitely pay attention to the demensions when ordering online!
Need a good brand option for light bulbs? Try GE’s Clear Reveal!

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