Day Before Valentine’s Day!!!

BFFs!!  Valentine’s day is tomorrow !!! Whether or not you are going out on the town to meet someone new, or excited to celebrate a romantic night with a loved one… here are some helpful steps! 🙂  After tonight, own it! You are who you are, and the one that you’re spending your valentines day with your is for a reason… you are fabulous!


  • Try to eat well tonight!  Stay away from salty foods and alcohol which can cause you to swell.
  • Stay away from beans and lentils which can cause you to bloat
  • Work out, especially your bottom and your arms.  Get that bottom up, and those arms looking toned! 🙂
  • Dry brush your legs, or areas with cellulite… get that circulation working!


  • Don’t do any clay masks the day before… sometimes they make your skin worse before they make it better, by bringing dirt and oil to the surface, you could break out.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Color – If you want some form of a tan you need to start before the day of the event!  I am not a big fan of tanning beds… recommend spray tans, or my personal choice self tanning lotion at home.  Make sure you REALLY, REALLY exfoliate before you apply tanners, or go spray tanning.  I wait for the tanning solution/self tanner to fully dry and then I apply lotion to help it absorb.  *** if its streaky, shower and exfoliate again and apply some self tanner early valentine’s day and it should even itself out!
  • Add some shimmer! I LOVE Bathina, or Loreal Sublime Bronze self tanner which has a slight sparkle and gives you great color.


  • Think now about what you may do with your hair.  If you want to try something new, give it a shot before valentine’s day.  You don’t want to be stressed getting ready.
  • I almost think it is better to do something simple yourself.  Do what you do when you want to look hot on the town, and what you are comfortable with.  If you get your hair professionally done try not to end up with a prom do…. I HAVE SEEN TOO MANY PEOPLE CRYING OVER THEIR STIFF PROM PROFESSIONAL HAIR STYLES.
  • Don’t do too stiff of an up do… keep it easy, so your date can run their fingers through it without ruining your look.  if you do an up do, make it soft and romantic.



  • It’s valentine’s day!! Pinks and reds are always sexy and fun on this day!  Don’t wait until the last min, that could cause stress if the polish takes a while to dry…. if you are getting them done professionally don’t worry but if you are painting them, do it early in the day, and chill while they dry.
  • If you are going to do your own… I am LOVING the OPI Infinite Shine colors! The base and top coat (needing to use them) kinda takes me back…lol but I’m loving the colors, the shine, and the longevity!  Not only does it last a week, but I have an issue with paint colors drying fast enough and this really does… even with the 3 coats. Here are some of my color choices:
    • Pinks: Essie in Not Just A Pretty Face, which is a good neutral/pink.  OPI in Tutti Frutti Tonga which is a great flirty, girly pink.
    • Reds: Butter London Red in Ladybird is a bold, bright, sexy red!, OPI’s She Went On and On is another bright bold sexy red.
    • Dark Reds: Zoya in Toni is pretty and deep with purplish undertones.  OPI in Vampire State Building is a really sexy, sultry red if you want that dark mysterious sexy look.



Wear the amount of makeup you feel comfortable in. You can wear no makeup if you would like or a lot of makeup, it is up to you. The important part is that you feel comfortable and beautiful on your night.

  • Make sure to prime your face, eyes, and lips and use a setting spray to keep everything in place. You don’t want your makeup melting off of your face when you start dancing.
  • Make sure to blend your foundation well and have it match your skin tone
  • Don’t forget to use blush to add that romantic look
  • Wear lipstick that will stay on like Lipsense, or Revlon Colorstay which are my 2 favs!



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