Want To Adopt A Vegetarian Or Vegan Diet In The New Year?! Benefits Of Eating More Veggies!!

BFFs! There are SO many beautiful and healthy celebrities who have become or have always been vegetarians!!  A lot of them are even vegan!  I look at beautiful celebrities like Christy Brinkley and have to wonder “what does she eat?!”  There are also so many pro athletes that are SO strong, lean, and fast, who are vegans or vegetarians!!

I have never been vegetarian or vegan… but I do go through cleanses where I go a week or so eating raw ( which is veggie not cooked).  It AMAZES me how fast the inches shed and how GREAT I feel at the end of the cleanse!  Because of this I want to adopt a veggie lifestyle in the new year… Maybe not vegie all the time, but at least a lot of the time.   Not only to loose weight and feel great… but someone put  a pamphlet in my mailbox that was about the cruelty animals suffer when being bred for food.  It was jarring! The “farm” raised animals live such TERRIBLE lives!  I look forward to giving the veggie lifestyle a try!  Being vegan is a whole new level!  Make sure you strive to reach attainable goals… if you are eating a lot of meat now, work on incorporating a lot more veggies in your diet, and slowly work to a meat free diet if you choose to!  I still eat meat! But it is healthy to add veggies, and to know how they can help you!

First for those who don’t know the difference between being a vegetarian or being a vegan, ill break it down for you:

Vegetarian Vs. Vegan:

Benefits of eating more vegetables:

Decrease Your Risk Of Heart Disease: limit your intake of meet and animal products and you decrease your likelihood of heart disease.

Lower Your Cancer Risk: In one study of more than 35,000 women published in the British Journal of Cancer, those who ate the most red and processed meat were found to have the highest risk of breast cancer. Other research has linked meat consumption to colon, prostate, pancreatic, and gastric cancers as well. One theory, according to non-profit group The Cancer Project, is that foods with high levels of fat artificially boost the hormones that promote cancer. (womenshealthmag. com)

Loose Weight: Sure, subbing a veggie burger for a hamburger is a no-brainer way to save a lot of calories. But the meat-weight relationship goes beyond calorie math. A large-scale 2010 study from Imperial College London found that those who ate about 250 grams a day (the size of one half-pound steak) of red meat, poultry, or processed meat gained more weight over five years than those who ate less meat, even if they consumed the same amount of calories overall. (womenshealthmag.com)

Fight Bloat:  Although you may associate vegetables with creating a bloated belly, most vegetables actually do the opposite. Vegetables are rich in fiber, which flushes out waste and gastric irritants and prevents constipation by keeping the digestive tract moving.  Vegetables can also help you look leaner by counteracting bloat caused by salt. Most American adults get nearly twice the recommended sodium limit. Eating a bacon and egg biscuit, a typical restaurant meal, or instant soup means consuming nearly an entire day’s sodium allotment. Vegetables are rich in both potassium and water, which help flush excess sodium out of the body while restoring the body’s normal fluid balance. (CNN)

 Youthful Skin:  Want younger-looking skin? Vegetables prevent unwanted signs of aging and keep skin young and supple thanks to phytonutrients, vitamin C and high water content.  Many vegetables are 85% to 95% water, which helps hydrate the skin and reduce wrinkles. And phytonutrients, found in all vegetables, can guard against premature aging by preventing cell damage from stress, the sun, pollution and other environmental toxins. Vitamin C aids in collagen formation, according to studies.  Choose brightly colored red and orange vegetables and you’ll get an added boost of beta carotene, which can give you a healthy glow as it protects skin from sun damage. Similarly, lycopene, found in red vegetables such as tomatoes, also has been shown to act as a natural sunscreen. (CNN)
If you are thinking of trying a veggie lifestyle go for it! I will post after with the different foods you need to get the proper nutrients!  If you want to add more veggies to your diet PLEASE do so! You will only look and feel better!


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