Last Minute Gift Ideas!

BFFs!!  Sometimes time just flies by way to fast, and it is the week of Christmas and you haven’t done all of your shopping yet.  Here are some great last min gifts ideas!!

Card: Sometimes a great card says it all!  If you find the right card you will know :).

Food: There are SO many holiday treats that pour out at Christmas time.  If you have any holiday favorite nuts, chocolates, cakes, cheeses or really any yummy food items give food as gifts!  I LOVE getting a tin of yummy Christmas cookies from a dear friend or a great caramel cake from an aunt.  I have grown to associate these with Christmas!


Cocktail Napkins: Cocktail napkins are always fun to get! There are SO many different types, colors, messages!  If you want to add to this gift pair it with a wine stopper or wine glasses or just a bottle of wine.


Wine: Wine is always a GREAT gift for anyone who enjoys drinking… if your friend isn’t a wine drinker, get them their drink of choice.  This is a fun gift to give, and they may just have you over so that you can enjoy the wine together.  If you feel like wine isn’t enough or want to add to it, you can always wrap the wine in a scarf, or place the wine in a wine bag and place hair ties or a bracelet around the neck of the bottle.

DYI Sangria: This is a fun gift!  It doesn’t have to be sangria, pick a drink that you love and know that your friend loves and get them all the ingredients.  Place the ingredients together in a cute gift bag, or pitcher.

Poinsettia Or Rosemary Tree: I LOVE getting poinsettias or rosemary trees for Christmas!! They both last a really long time, and they fill your house with natural cheer.  The rosemary tree is ideal for your friend to loves to cook!  It will brighten the kitchen and provide your friend with fresh herbs.  You can usually find either of these at a near by grocery store or florist… they are pretty popular around the holidays.

Movie and Goodies: If there is a movie that your friend hasn’t seen, or maybe a movie they would love to watch over and over again, dvds or bluerays are a fun idea!  A family movie is also a fun idea if your friend has kids.  While you are at your Target or Walmart getting the movie, why not get some popcorn, candy, and wine to go with the dvd!  You can make this gift really cute!  Christmas evening when all the presents are open and everyone is tired, a movie might be the perfect way for them to spend the night.



Christmas Ornaments:  There are so many beautiful ornaments! Pick one that has sentimental value or one that is just beautiful or really cute!

Manicure/Pedicure Gift Card:  If you have a friend who works too hard, or who just needs a little bit of pampering, this is a really sweet gift.  You can pick it up on the way to their house!! Easy breezy. If you want to spice it up, put it in a small gift bag with nail files and polish.

Kitchen Tool Basket: This is an amazing gift to give the person in your life that loves to cook, or someone that needs help stocking their kitchen!! There are SO many fun and cool kitchen tools out there!  Hand held veggie spiralizers make awesome gifts as well as fun pot holders, onion choppers and more!! A trip to Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond is all it takes!

Beauty Products:  If your friend LOVEs makeup or beauty products this is always a good way to go!  If you don’t have an Ulta or Sephora or any other makeup store near you don’t fret! Sometimes instead of makeup, brushes, makeup bags, and or accessories make nice gifts. If you are unsure of what color or scent to get someone try getting them sample or small combo packs like Sephora’s Buxom lip gloss sampler, or their fragrance sampler set, that way they can find their own fav one.


Birchbox Beauty/Makeup/Skincare Subscription Box – Buy It Here For $10/Month –  The good thing about subscription boxes is that they will need to go online and fill some things out first before they get their first box.  These are nice for last min gifts because you can print the steps they need to take to claim their gift in a nice envelope, its as easy as ordering online and printing something out.   I know these boxes have been around for a while but they are really neat!! Its so much fun getting a small pretty box full of new make-up samples and skin care products!!  It is a fun way to learn about what’s out there and what’s new and fresh!!

Play!! By Sephora: This is a beauty subscription box.  A curation of five deluxe samples from their shelf as well as a fragrance!  There is also beauty tips, tricks, and how-tos.  Again, so easy to order online and print something out to give your friend.

Scentbird: Perfume and/or Cologne of the Month Subscription – Buy It Here For $15/Month Select from their collection of 450+ designer and niche fragrances. Get a generous supply of fragrance (0.27oz/ 8ml) in a travel-friendly spray. Free refillable case with your first order. It’s a cute idea, especially if the person hasn’t founded their “scent” yet!  Finding the right scent is AMAZING!!  Helping someone find their scent is quite the gift! Their slogan is “Date perfumes before marrying them” – how cute is that!!

Inspirational Jewelry:  Giving someone a necklace, ring, or bracelet that has sentimental value, or one that gives them a spiritual or emotional boost can be a really sweet gift!  Especially if you know they need it!  There are so many options!  Think about what might reach out to that person!

A Cute Journal/Notebook –  There are tons of different brands that make stylish journals/notebooks!! These can add style to your purse and can make you excited to write things down!  Get this for your note taking, or super organized friend, or  maybe your friend that needs to be more organized!

Colorful Clip On Table Cup Holders: These make a cute gift for the ladies that work and are stuck at their desk all day, or for the woman on the go!  You can get these on Amazon.  A set of 4 for as low as $10  You can still get these bad boys on amazon if you hurry and get it done it will prob arrive before Christmas.


Tea Drop Sampler-   Just like the other subscription boxes, you can give them a card with the info on Tea Drops, and they will be excited when their first box comes.  Tea Drops are organic teas that dissolve in your cup. Made with delicate spices and lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar, Tea Drops steep instantly, and give you a moment of pause in your busy lifestyle. NO-WASTE TEA: Tea Drops morsels are shaped from finely ground organic tea, raw sugar, and spices. This eliminates the need for teabags and sweetener packets.  RECYCLABLE, COMPOSTABLE, BIODEGRADABLE: Our 100% recyclable packaging protects each individually wrapped Tea Drops to enable you to enjoy the perfect cup of tea on the go. Our cardboard tea boxes are also 100% biodegradable and compostable. RE-USABLE: Breathe new life into your wooden Tea Drops box by using it as keepsake box, planter, or anything else your heart desires. Paulowina wood is naturally resistant to termites, won’t warp in heat or humidity, and takes well to stain. Click Here To Purchase



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