Don’t Give Up On Your Workouts And Healthy Eating Over The Holidays!

Bffs! So we have made it through Thanksgiving, and Christmas and New Years are coming fast!  Really keep up your workout routines during this time, and try to have a healthy diet between the big holiday meals.  YOU WANT TO FEEL GOOD AND LOOK GOOD NEW YEAR’S EVE :).  Also don’t forget all of the Christmas parties!! Rock those holiday sweaters 😉

Mind over matter.  Go ahead and start training your mind to taste things instead of eat things.  This is in terms of anything bad for you like sweets and high fat foods.  You should taste these things, not eat them.  That should be the mentality you have going into holiday parties.  Eat the turkey and salad, etc. but just have a taste of the pumpkin pie and the dressing, etc.

Start having a healthy snack or meal before a holiday party and remind yourself before you go in the door that you already ate and that you are not hungry.  If you remind yourself of this once you are there you are not going to go fix a plate of food because you know you just ate.

I know that working out when the weather gets colder can be harder since even waking up in the mornings and getting out the warm bed is nearly impossible for me, but getting into the groove early in the season can set you up to succeed.  I have a certain time of day that I go to the gym in the winter and just make it as mandatory of an occurrence as work.  I tell myself I don’t even have to do anything once I’m there, I just have to get there…which is 90% of the battle.  Once I’m there it’s not hard to get the actual workout in.

Remember even the small things count.  Do squats while watching your favorite show! Get some lunges in!  5 min here and there adds up!  Yoga is always a great option for me in the winter too, as it is soothing and provides a warm atmosphere (or do how yoga which will really have you warmed up and sweating!).

Drink plenty of water!  Just because its cold outside and you don’t feel the need to drink a lot of water, you still need the same amount to stay hydrated!  Drink some hot tea or hot water with lemon! Just make sure you are staying hydrated!

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