Are you exfoliating this important spot?

Most people are so gentle with the skin around their eyes that they don’t even exfoliate around the eye. This area is delicate but you still need to get rid of dead skin cells and give the skin around your eye a reason to boost collagen production.
I’m not saying scrub the skin around your eyes. This is a NO NO. Use a retinol product or a skin peel (be careful not to get anything into your eyes).
You don’t want to get the formula’s too close to the lower lash line, or directly on the lid because these areas can be super sensitive, but get your crease, crows feet, and brow bone. You also want to make sure that you are exfoliating the bridge of your nose (like where a pair of sunglasses sit) because this area tends to get overlooked and people get a crease there over time.
You can use a product made especially for the eyes, but this is not necessary. Just make sure that if it gets red and starts peeling, you are going to need something a little more sensitive.

Not used to using a retinol? Start off with an over the counter retinol product (Post on these to come) and then as your skin adjusts you can move up to a stronger prescription retinol.

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