Ingrown hairs, random bumps? Get smooth legs for summer!

You may not have this problem, but every year when it comes time to ditch the winter clothes and start putting my bare legs out there into the light, I have to deal with these bumps on the top of my legs.  Somehow through the summer once my legs get out there the bumps eventually go away, but I don’t want to deal with EVENTUALLY! I want them gone now!

I have done a lot of research and have found that this works:

First of all you want to make sure that you do a good job moisturizing your legs. 

1-      Exfoliate before shaving!  You want to use a moisturizing wash when exfoliating and use warm water. If you get bad ingrown hairs try using a nice sugar or salt scrub before shaving.  It really helps get rid of the dead skin that can keep you from getting more of the hair follicle when you shave.

2-      Wait to shave until the end of your shower.  This allows for the hair to become softer and doesn’t irritate the skin as much when shaved.

3-      Use a decent/moisturizing shave gel/cream.  This allows you to get a closer and better shave without irritating the skin. You want to get a good lather with this as well, or if it doesn’t lather, make sure you are using a decent amount.  You don’t want to get razor burn by shaving over uncovered areas.  Also shaving cream and suds help the hair stand up so you can get a close shave

4-      If you have dry skin stay away from products that contain alcohol or fragrance.

5-      DON’T use a dull razor!  Using a dull razor creates a tugging on the hair follicle that can really irritate the skin.

6-      Shave more – the more you shave the less change of ingrown hairs!  This is because ultimately shaving provides exfoliation and less changes of your skin being irritated.  That is assuming that you follow the above.

7-      Some people think that moisturizing before your shower will help.  THIS IS A NO NO!  It actually clogs pores and makes it harder to get a good close shave.

8-      Use warm water, not hot water.  Hot water strips the skin of its natural oils which makes the skin dry and stubble is going to be a given.

9-      After your shower/shave you want to make sure you use a good moisturizer.  This will help prevent stubble and keep your legs feeling smooth!

10-   Moisturize every day inbetween shaving as well.

11-   Invest in good 4-5 blade razor for the best option.



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