Hair Trends Spring 2016

“Embrace your natural texture, stock up on accessories and flirt with fringe and styles from your youth.” – Harper’s BAZAAR

Harper’s BAZAAR is all about the “Go Your Own Way” It is awesome because models on the runway are being hired by what they have naturally.  Click Here To Read The Inspiring Harper’s BAZAAR Article

BFFs!! This season is all about you!  On the runways this season, natural hair textures are being celebrated!  The mouse and the spray are taking a back seat!!! I think we can all cheer for this!  The stylists on the runways are working  to enhance the models naturally beautiful hair rather than change it!  The models are flaunting their personal style.  I LOVE this!! I feel like loose, natural, messy hair is by far the sexiest!

The “I Woke Up Like This” Hair Style: Designers like Calvin Klein sported this look down the runway.  The model’s hair was down, natural and beautiful.

Calvin Klein










Waves: Versace’s and Armani’s models graced the runway in beautiful, natural looking waves



Crazy Yet “Natural” Curls: If you have crazy curly hair and are always straightening it… let it go free!!  Embrace what you were given!  Naturally let your hair dry, or dry your hair with a defuser and curl gel… or just let it fly!!!


Fly-aways:  These endearing baby hairs are a problem for a lot of us!  I am getting up there in age, and still have tons of fly-aways when my hair is in a ponytail!  I do feel like they make me look younger, and they add a romantic touch to your look.  If you have these, don’t hide them this season…let them loose!

Crowns & Hair Accessories: Crowns or tiaras are making a huge appearance on the runways this spring.  They aren’t the corny “dress-up” type, they are more bohemian… truly beautiful in a simple way.  Diane Von Furstenberg adorned her models in beautiful floral barrettes.  The Rodarte sisters had their models wear undone waves paired with colorful barrettes for a elfin inspired look.

Half Up Half Down:  I have always loved the half up half down look! I find it very feminine and very romantic!

The Center Part: Versace, Armani and other great designers have the center part grace their runway this spring.

The Deep Side Part: Michael Kors and Donna Karan are two designers which chose this look for the runways this spring.

Dreads, Twists and Braids: Braids have been “in” for quite some time.  This season smaller braids are “in” and big, chunky, messy braids. I am excited about twists!! I love the look!

Pony Central:  There are a lot of ponytails being sent down the runway this season! I think that ponytails are timeless! Low or high- neat or messy!!!

The Bun: This messy bun is a must!  I find it very romantic

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