Exercise Tools That Are A Must For Exercising At Home!

Can’t afford a home gym? Here are some awesome tools that you can use at home to get gym worthy results.  These tools can also help you mix up your workout!

Resistance Stretch Bands: These travel well! You can literally ball them up and throw them in a gym bag.  You can use these as resistance with squats, leg lifts, bicep curls, and tons of other exercises.Click Here For An Awesome Website With Band Exercises!



Body Bar:  Click Here For An Awesome Website With Tons Of Body Bar Exercises














Kettlebells: The kettlebell or girya is a cast-iron or cast steel weight used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.  Kettlebell lifting is one of the best tools for all around physical development.Click Here For A List Of Kettlebell Exercises!


1-3lb weights: You may laugh at this and think there is no way this low amount of weight can work but it is GREAT for toning.  I have really toned VERY SMALL arms… I like my arms because I think they are very feminine.  If you want to trim and not bulk up your arms, I recommend smaller weights.


Cuff Weights: These are a FAV of mine!!! You can strap them to your ankles or legs for leg lifts, you can hold them in your hands, strap them around your arms… they provide a hand free weight option.










Pilates Mini Exercise Ball: This small squishy ball is amazing! You can use it so many ways! Squeeze it between your thighs for a resistance workout and so much more! Click Here For A Website With Mini Exercise Ball Exercises!







Balance Ball: These balls are great when exercising your core! Click Here For A Full List Of Balance Ball Exercises!









Medicine Ball: These are weighted balls that are used in strength training.  They provide weight and resistance.  They are great for arm and core workouts. Click Here For Great Medicine Ball Workouts!




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