Cholesterol & French Press Coffee!

BFFs!  I LOVE French press coffee!  The taste is stronger and deeper, it is delish!!  I was recently told that it can cause you to have high cholesterol.  I have done some research and it looks like my friend who filled me in was right!  If you drink a lot of French press coffee, get your cholesterol checked… if high you may want to consider switching to a filtered coffee.

“Experts say that the majority of coffee-drinking Americans do not need to worry about the impact of a cup of joe on cholesterol levels. That’s because most Americans drink filtered coffee, which is believed to have much less of an effect on cholesterol than unfiltered coffee.  Filters seem to remove most of the cholesterol-boosting substances found in coffee.  But a cholesterol check may be in order for people who use a French press or percolator to make their coffee or who prefer espresso or other varieties of unfiltered coffee, according to Dr. Michael J. Klag, the vice dean for clinical investigation at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore.  Although caffeine is often cast as a villain, the stimulant is not to blame for unfiltered coffee’s effect on cholesterol levels. According to Klag, the increase in cholesterol is believed to be caused by oils called terpenes that are found in coffee, but are mostly removed by filters. (NBC News)”

Apparently cafestrol, a compound in coffee is what raises cholesterol.  All coffee contains this, even decaf!  It is the filter process that separates this from the coffee, that’s why filtered coffee doesn’t raise your cholesterol like French press.

  • If you only have about a cup of coffee a day it doesn’t make much difference, but if you have a huge cup a couple of times a day you need to be informed of this.





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