Get Rid Of Your Inner Thigh Fat

BFFs!! Not only are saddlebags a problem on the outer part of your thighs but the fat and dimples on your inner thighs need to be taken care of as well.  This area is often overlooked!  Just like outer thigh fat, if you are overweight, you probably  need to lose overall weight to help fix this problem before you really focus on this one target area.

Girls often gain fat in their thighs as they hit puberty. This area haunts women throughout their lifetime!! Even though this fatty area may bother you and may  not look great, it IS a healthier place for your body to store fat than your stomach.  So even though you want to rid yourself of this, smile for a second and thank your body for taking care of “you”!!

This area is really a weight loss issue instead of a toning issue.  You can do leg lifts to help tone,  and inner thigh lifts, squats, and lunges to help… but if you don’t have a calorie deficient diet, you will not see much improvement. “To burn fat, you must create a calorie deficit — meaning you eat fewer calories than you burn. Your body then pulls from your fat stores to fuel your body. It converts triglycerides, which are the form of fat stored in fat cells, to glycerol and free fatty acids to use for energy”  (Livestrong) Also in weight loss CARDIO is your friend.  I know so many ladies that really focus on lifting weights to lose weight.  This can build muscle mass and can help you lose actual fat BUT if you want to lose inches and trim your thighs, and not bulk up… cardio is key!!

Here are some exercises that can be added to your cardio workout that will help trim this area as you lose weight.  These will help the fat melt from this area!



Here are some exercises from

Criss-Cross Power Jacks:

This move effectively targets the inner-thigh muscles while also engaging your whole body and increasing heart rate (meaning more calories burned!), says Jessica Matthews, exercise physiologist at the American Council On Exercise.

To do it: Stand with feet together and take a deep breath in. As you exhale, jump feet out wide and cross arms overhead. From there, scissor legs, crossing left leg in front of right, as left arm crosses over right at chest level. Immediately repeat, alternating sides each time.












Inner Thigh Blaster:
To do it: Stand forearms distance away from a sturdy chair or countertop, holding on lightly with right hand. Step feet hip-distance apart, toes pointed straight ahead. Place a soft, small ball (or similar sized pillow) between inner thighs. With left hand on hip, lift heels, balancing on balls of feet. Bend knees and lower about an inch (imagine back is sliding down an imaginary wall). Press inner thighs into the ball, keeping shoulders stacked over hips, hips stacked over ankles, and core tight.

Raise hips back up and bring left arm overhead, squeezing the ball with inner thighs. Lower an inch to repeat. Do 30 reps, and then turn around to repeat on other side.












Tree Lean To Side Lunge:
To do it: Stand tall with feet together and arms overhead. Laterally flex the spine so that arms and shoulders reach left while hips sway right.

Sweep arms up and over, making a half circle down toward the right as left leg steps out into a side lunge. Land in a deep side lunge with left hand resting on thigh, right hand touching the floor. Push off the floor and circle arms back overhead to return to lateral lean as left foot returns to right. Do 10 reps; repeat on opposite side.












Scissor Legs Plank:
To do it: Begin in a full plank position with each foot on a folded towel, paper plate, or gliding disc. Keeping upper body stable, slide feet apart, opening legs as wide as possible, and then slowly squeeze inner thighs to slide feet back together. Do 2 sets of 15 reps, resting in between sets as needed.












Squeeze and Lift:
To do it: Place a small ball between ankles (can be a soft weighted ball, air-filled ball, or medicine ball, but softer balls are more comfortable), and lie on right side, supporting head with bent right arm. Bend top arm and press hand on the floor in front of chest to help stabilize body. Squeeze inner thighs to secure ball. Lengthen legs and then press bottom leg up toward top to lift both legs about 6 inches off the ground. Hold for 5 counts. Do 10 reps; repeat on opposite side.












Around-the-Room Froggies:
To do it: Stand with feet wide, knees and toes pointed out, reaching hands down to the floor. Squat down as low as possible while keeping chest lifted and knees tracking over toes.

Jump up in the air and rotate body a quarter turn to the right while bringing feet together, swinging arms overhead to help propel body up. Land in a deep squat, facing right side of the room. Continue to complete a full rotation. Repeat as many times as possible for 1 minute, then repeat to the left.


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