Why working your core is so important!

Strengthening your core helps not only your ab muscles, but it strengthens your back and protects your inner organs and central nervous system!! It also leads to better posture and better balance!

If you think about it, all of your core muscles have a very important role of supporting the center of your body every time you move.  That includes your spine and internal organs. It is a stabilizer holding everything together. If you have back pain, it could be because you don’t have muscles supporting certain parts of your spine. Building core strength will help bring balance to the front and back of your body.

We all know that planks are great workout moves to strengthen your core.  You can do ones on each side, or just your basic plank. The bridge is also a good move to work on too.  You can google tons of good core workout moves!

Also be mindful of how you sit all day.  Many people make the mistake of sitting for long periods with a tilted pelvis and an arched back, rather than sitting tall on their “sit bones” (think about the boney part of your bum pointing straight down).  Pay attention to this if you sit in a chair all day.

In terms of your inner organs two good exercises to do are drawing in the abdominal muscles (think about your belly button pulling away from your pantline), hold for five breaths, and then relax. Repeat 10 times. This should be done about 10 times a day. Women should also practice Kegel exercises—drawing in the pelvic floor —to strengthen the lower end of your core (with the added bonus of better bladder control).

Remember!!! Just because you are strong does not mean that your core is strong!!

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