The Problems With Splurge Days

BFFs! I like a good splurge day just like most everyone else… They can also boost your metabolism if done tastefully.  There is a difference between a little splurge and a full on binge.  If you know you can’t control your intake on these days then maybe you should opt out.  **** Also if food has become an obsession or if you have formed an emotional attachment to it, maybe you are restricting yourself too much and you need to work on your weekly diet.  For those of you who can lightly and tastefully splurge then good for you! These days can benefit you.

For a lot of us it is hard to get back on track after the splurge has taken place.  Eating well and getting the body you want and crave is actually a lifestyle change not a diet.  When you commit to eating well 6 days of the week you are doing great!!! If you know a splurge day is going to ruin it for you, then you may not want to think of a splurge day as a splurge day.  Creating a splurge or cheat day means that you are putting a negative label on your healthy eating habits… why else would you need a break?  If you eat GOOD, HEALTHY, DELICIOUS, BEAUTIFUL food, you don’t think about all the CRAP that surrounds us!!! Make sure your daily snacks and meals are well balanced and you won’t have this mental fight.  Also OVERTHINKING IS YOUR WORST ENEMY!  Enjoy healthy foods, focus on their clean flavors!!

Cheat Day Cons:

  • Higher numbers on the scale leading to a drop in motivation.
  • You may feel sluggish, heavy and yucky the next day leading to a shorter workout if you workout at all!
  • Splurge days can have a massive impact on blood sugar and insulin levels… bringing sugar and carb cravings back.
  • Guilt/anxiety
  • More apt to place more restrictions on diet the next week to make up for large calorie consumption.

BFFs!! This is a new year!! Let this be your best!  Try to create healthy meals and snacks that you genuinely love… you should never force food down that you don’t like just to get to your desired weight.  RESEARCH! Pin recipes on Pinterest that are healthy and peak your interest! Read our recipes!! We don’t publish recipes we don’t love! LOVE EATING HEALTHY!  If you don’t, you just aren’t doing it right.

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