My Favorite Workout Equipment! And it takes up no room!

I have been obsessed with my workout bands for years.  I am not talking about the long one with handles, I am talking about what looks like big flat rubber bands.  I didn’t really think much of it until I was on a trip recently and I pulled out my band to get in some strength training and the person I was with thought it was such a great idea.  It takes up no room in a suitcase and you can get different resistance amounts to make the workouts harder or easier.

They are actually called Fitness Resistance Loop Bands.  So when looking for them online – like on amazon – this is what you want to type in and I got a set of different ones so you have the easier ones for your arms and then you will want harder ones for when working out your legs…or you may have to start easier on both.  They are listed as Heavy and Light for hard and easy, etc.

Some, or a lot of them will come with a guide of things to do with them, but you can also find tons of workouts on the internet.

These things are awesome!  With one band you can work out your entire body!  And it hard!  And the best part is that if done slowly it works your muscles as you are stretching it out and slightly as you slowly go back to place.

Another good thing is that it is not pumping motions so that you get more lean definition!

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