Great Gift Ideas For Friends!!

BFFs! Here are some fun gift ideas if you are stuck and don’t know what to get friends this holiday season!

For Drinking Friends

Freeze Cooling Wine Glass Set of 2 by HOST – Insulated Rubber Grip, Proprietary Cooling Gel, 8.5 oz keeps your drink cold!  Wine is NO GOOD hot!! I love a glass that can easily keep my wine cold!  This is a clever gift for the wine lover. 


Reusable Cap For Wine And Beer Bottles: These make a fun gift! Wine lovers love their wine, and if you ever decide you can’t finish the bottle it is nice to know that you can keep your wine fresh with cute tops!!



Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses:  These are for the tequila lover!! These glasses are made of Himalayan salt.  This makes your tequila shots fun and tasty!!


Personalized Wine Glasses: If you and a friend have funny nicknames for each other, get your friend one with her nicknames and you one with yours!!


Wine Pearls – These are kept in the freezer and keep your wine cold without diluting it!  I LOVE my wine REALLY cold!  I hate it when the last couple of sips are warm! This solves the problem in a fun way!  Great gift for the wine lover!!


Air Cork: For those who like only a glass of wine at a time… air corks are awesome when it comes to keeping wine fresh for a longer period of time.  You can get these at


Personalized Bubba Keg: These mini kegs are AMAZING!! They make a great gift personalized or not, for man or woman!! They keep your drink cold for HOURS!! Great for mixed drinks on the beach, or when you are tailgating!!



Tea Infuser & Loose Tea: Tea infusers come in ALL shapes and sizes now!! You can get them to look like a person, animal, flower and more!  Loose tea is also gorgeous and added with an infuser can make an absolutely beautiful gift!!!  You can get these from your local tea shop, or amazon.  The loose tea I would get online from a tea shop… I love mightyleaf or teavana.





Kitchen/Tea Towels: These can be super cute!! You can hang them on your stove, wrap one around a bottle of wine, set one next to a cheese plate, or under a hot dip… there are so many ways to “flash” a cute towel :).  You can get them with fun sayings, jokes, pictures… the sky is the limit! Break out the holiday theme for Christmas, or the sports team… anything!



Personalized Cloth Market Basket: These are AWESOME!!  I love them because they have a flat bottom! The flat bottom makes it easy to carry casseroles, or things that need to have a flat surface, also the sturdy handles give you the support to carry heavy objects.


Dipping Plate: This is a great gift to give a foodie!! I like to add a loaf of bread and some olive oils/vinegars to the gift as well!  This is a fun dish to give the entertainer who has everything! You can get this at



Scented Counter and Linen Sprays: These can smell SO GOOD!!! I love getting these as gifts! Every time I clean the countertop or freshen my sheets, I just smell the new scent and it really brightens my day! It really is a gift that I love!



Beautiful Soaps: I LOVE putting one or several beautiful bars of soaps in  guest bathrooms.  They really can make a difference in ambiance.  Now you can even get them personalized or monogrammed!


Bubble Bath & Bath Salts & Bath Bombs: For the women who enjoy their baths ( I wish I took more of them!) These are great gifts! They also give those who don’t typically make time for baths an excuse to take one.



Spa Kit: This can be really fun to put together!! You can put any beauty products in this gift!  Soaps, bath salts, masks, nail polish, turban towels, anything and everything!!! Put your fav things together!!!





For The Home:

Flowers: I love giving orchids, poinsettias, small rosemary trees (which are edible and look like small Christmas trees!), or other potted plants over the holidays! All of these live a long life, and provide beautiful décor.




Candles: I NEVER buy myself candles, so I always love to get them!  You can get beautiful, wonderful scented candles!! These are so simple to buy and give as gifts, and everyone loves them!




Portable Phone Charger: If you don’t have one of these, you need to get one!! You charge the charger and keep it in your purse so that when your phone/ipad dies you have a charger on hand ready!!  These are especially awesome when traveling.  Look these up on amazon so you know you get the right match for the type of phone that your friend has.  Also the colors, and types are endless!







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