Holidays Are Here!!! Boost Your Metabolism BEFORE A Big Meal!!

Increasing your metabolism is always important, not just for the holiday season! That being said, now is a good time to start!!  If you don’ t want to gain a lot of weight this holiday season, amp up that metabolism!!! So many people take the holidays “off”, and get back to the gym in the new year.  It is hard to get back to the gym when you feel down on yourself, or when you are feeling gross and heavy!!  Routine is key when it comes to working out and staying fit!!  Keep going to the gym throughout the holiday season to avoid these negative feelings. Here are some ways to increase your metabolism before the big meals:

Strength Training: After a session of strength training, your muscles are activated which increases your average daily metabolic rate.  Do a lot of strength training now and through the holidays.  If you can get a session in the morning of Thanksgiving give it a shot.  If you don’t have time to go to the gym before a big meal, just do some workouts at home!  Squats and lunges can really get the heart racing.

Cardio: High intensity exercise delivers a bigger, longer, rise in metabolic rate.  Low intensity workouts will not do this… so step it up before the holidays!  Add some sprints to your run, or some stairs to your gym routine!!  Get your heart rate up!!

Drink Water: If you are the least bit dehydrated your metabolism will slow down.  There have been many studies done that prove that those who drink eight or more glasses of water a day burn more calories than those who do not consume as much.  Make sure to at least drink a glass of water before each meal.  Fruits and veggies naturally contain water so they are a better option than chips or crackers when snacking.

Don’t Starve Yourself: Starving yourself can make your body hold onto the calories eaten over the holidays.  Make sure that you continue to eat small healthy meals, and snack throughout the day.  This isn’t the time of year to mess up your metabolism by fad dieting and starvation!

Eat a diet high in protein:  Try to trade out some carbs for protein the week leading up to the big holiday meal. Protein rich meals can boost your metabolism.  Try to gain a little extra muscle this week! Here are some great food picks!:

  • almonds: these are high in fatty acids which can help boost your metabolism.  They are high in calories so don’t consume too many!
  • beans: beans are high in protein and fiber! A great duo for a higher metabolism.
  • fish: fish is full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids!!

Drink coffee and or Green tea:  Caffeine increases the amount of energy your body uses which can help your metabolism.  Coffee can also increase your endurance while you exercise.


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