Summer Beauty And Skin Tips!

It’s summer!! Which I LOVE!! Summer = longer days, sun, warm, swimming, beach, patio eating, frozen drinks… and SO SO much more.  Because the weather is warm and sunny we are typically outside more often with more skin exposed, and we get sweatier than in other seasons.  Not only do you need to protect your skin from harmful rays, you need to shake up your beauty routine a bit with the changing season.  Here are some beauty and skin tips from this summer.



  • Make sure you choose a lighter in weight foundation for the summer.  If you can get away with wearing a good BB cream or tinted moisturizer, go for that.  I love the IT Cosmetics CC Cream with SPF 50.  When you get hot and sweaty, really thick foundations usually can’t handle the moisture. A liquid tends to look better in the summer as well over a cakey powder foundation.
  • Change you foundation color: If you are getting a lot of sun, and you are a shade or two darker, you may need to change to a darker foundation shade.
  • Longer wear foundation: Longer wear foundation can withstand moisture better than the average foundation.  Look for a color stay or 12+hour wear on the label.  Revlon Colorstay really does a great job staying on through anything!
  • It also helps to blot your skin before and after using foundation in the summer.  It helps really seal it on and prevent shine later.


This is summer!!! Skin is showing!! Get your Benefit Bathina (one of my fav products!), or other shimmery creams.  Apply these to your shins, collar bones, shoulders, or any other dainty trim part of your body!! My favorite place to put shimmer is my shins.  It makes my legs look SO smooth and makes them look trimmer and longer!  BFFs!! Show off those legs this summer!!!


One of the worse things you can do over the summer is constantly applying powder to a shiny face.  This not only makes your makeup look caked, it also just makes your face get shinier and shinier. Make sure you use a blotting sheet ALWAYS before applying powder to a shiny face, or just take any form of napkin/paper around you and blot well before applying powder.


If you use a deeper red over the winter, you may need to switch to a more “sun kissed” color.  It’s better to be more “natural” looking over the summer.  A deep blush can look to heavy. You want to use a color that mimics the natural blush your cheeks turn if you are working out, etc.

Eye liner/Mascara:

If you REALLY sweat a lot over the summer you may need to switch to a waterproof eyeliner/ mascara.  I really like the “tubular” mascara that is SUPER easy to get off and really doesn’t run at all.  An example of this is: Loreal Double Extend.  The Maybelline Stileto mascara is also great as well.


BFFs! Make sure you have a moisturizer with sunscreen or you apply sunscreen directly after your moisturizer, beneath your makeup.  If your moisturizer is too thick for summer, the air is more moist over summer so you don’t need a crazy thick moisturizer. If it doesn’t dry/sink in completely before you start apply your makeup it may be too thick.  Elta MD makes my favorite tinted sunscreen.  LOVE IT!

Skin Care:

Retinoids are no-joke anti-agers but you need to remember to be careful with the sun.  They can make your skin photosensitive and make it easier for you to burn. Make sure you use a broad-spectrum SPF of 30+ to protect your skin while using this product.

Face Peels: This are awesome, and I do peels through out the summer to freshen my skin.  These strip the dead skin from your face and leave it a little more exposed.  Make sure if doing these over the summer you are wearing sunscreen and limiting your facial sun exposure.



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