Awesome Host/Hostess Gifts!!




BFFs!! It is always polite to bring something for the host or hostess when you are invited to a party, or to stay with someone. The host or hostess has worked hard on the party and no matter how crazy and busy the party or event is they will notice the gesture and appreciate the thought! Here are a list of my favorite things to get people in this situation:

Wine: BFFs, when you get a wine to give as a hostess gift make sure it is one that you like.  It does not have to be expensive, but I would get one over $10.  If it isn’t one that you have had before make sure you ask the sommelier about it at the store.  Also if you see one that has a cool label that represents an inside joke or something that is always cute and thoughtful as well. They do not have to open the bottle while you are there… it is a gift, so if it isn’t opened make sure you leave it there for them to enjoy later.

**Never present something as a hostess gift and take it back with you at the end of the night!! If you bring some extra wine just in case, but don’t intend for it to be a hostess gift, keep it in your bag until you feel like you should bring it out to be enjoyed.

Candles: I LOVE getting candles because I never buy them on my own.  Also they smell nice and add décor to your home..  When getting a candle, get one at a gift shop… one that is pretty and smells nice.


Food: When bringing food as a hostess gift, make it something fun.  Bring a pretty packaged sweet treat or cupcakes or candies from your favorite confectionery.  Make it pretty and once again don’t expect them to put it out.  It is a gift, and it is for the host/hostess to enjoy.


Flowers: I LOVE giving flowers like orchids or poinsettias (over Christmas).  Orchids are beautiful, inexpensive and they provide months of beauty and enjoyment.  A bouquet is nice too, if it is an intimate small party where the hostess will have time to put the flowers in a vase… if not a small potted flower like an orchid is perfect.  They can set it to the side and they can enjoy it after the party is over.


Linen/Counter Spray: I LOVE Caldrea scented sprays.  Linen and counter sprays are AWESOME gifts.  I recently got Caldrea Basil Blue Sage counter spray as a hostess gift, and I am in love! It really makes my whole house smell great!


Cocktail Napkins: These are fun… The sky is the limit when it comes to colors and designs.  Pick a couple packs of fun chic cocktail napkins, and bring them in a cute little gift bag to the host or hostess.  These can be really fun.


Kitchen Linens: I also love getting really cute dish towels! These can be really fun!  I like a little decorative towel to hang on my stove.


Soap: Pretty soaps are a fun hostess gift.  I like to get something really pretty for a guest bathroom. Little decorative soaps or one pretty bar of soap makes a bathroom look pretty, and it is something people don’t necessarily get for themselves.


Yummy Salts Or Cooking Oils: I love getting great flavored salts or wonderful flavored cooking oils.  Cooking oils like a great olive oil can be not only yummy but super decorative.

Random fun little things:  There are so many cute little things out there like little things so that guests can mark their wine glasses, or cute wine stoppers, or something like this is always a cute idea if you see something that really suits the hostess/hosts style.


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